Awards Ahoy!: Greatest Robotic Fellow In Comics

From here on out, WFW will team up with it's sister site CAGN (of GameFAQs) to present to you a collection of awards and honors to comicbook characters, those famillar and long forgotten, in various random categories. Why? That's a good question. Who cares? Again, you've nailed me. But, we're all about fun and alos fascianted with invisible, make-believe hiearchies in a very non-elitist way.

Users of CAGN nominated, and then seconded, characters that related to the category, while those judges who signed up ended up voting and commenting on their choices via email. Votes were sent to a secret underground bunker 100 miles below the surface, where 33 underpaid vagrants sorted and ordered them for your pleasure.

This time, we decided to see just who is everyone's favorite robotic chum.

We assembled an elite panel of celebrity judges to email their votes and thoughts in, which was then compiled and determined the winner, like every other contest that has existed. Each judge was awarded with absolutely nothing for their troubles except the mental image of receiving a comicly large key to a non-existant city in Idaho. These judges were: azraelswrd, heatckerr, oort, HouseT, Awesome Mike Awesome, Havok3595, almeister112, HunterD, tigerbtl, Neeber, SpeechieMoogle, Mike S, PizzaBoy87k, azlum, brunbbmerc, BornIn1142

Here is the official ballot. There is quite a few faces you'd have planned on seeing, but a lot of underdogs and unsual choices as well. The daleks would be proud.

The CAGN's Greatest Robot In Comics Nominees:
1) Vision
2) Ultron
3) Machine Man (Aaron Stack)
4) Hourman III
5) Doombot
6) Air-Walker (Android Version)
7) Jocasta
8) Master Mold
9) Red Tornado
10) Darkhawk
11) Optimus Prime
12) Bender
13) Nimrod
14) H.E.R.B.I.E
15) Human Torch I
16) Amazing Screw-On Head



4) RED TORNADO: One of many robots on this list whose original intentions was to destroy a superhero team that they soon would side with. T.O Morrow's crimson creation has been one of the many classic robotic chaps that have come out of the DC, and also has died many deaths. He also has been a hot pick for evil scientists to steal or host their bodies in, which has happened several times in the past year. Something about that bright red paintjob must drive the ladies crazy.

Unfortunately for Tornado, most of our panel kept their mouths shut about him. Whether it was his Dracula cape or many incarnations that attracted votes, we'll never know.


Easily the best robotic nemesis that made the list, but a horrible robot maker. Seriously. Almost all of this fellow's creations have turned on him, and one of them beat him out of the top spot.

You'd think by now Ultron would cope with his horrible humanoid making skills, but like Liefield or Uwe Boll, he just doesn't get it. Ah, well, he still makes a great villian. He's pretty much the only metallic person on this list who I could see eat a baby or be a backup bassist in GWAR. And that says a lot about someone's character.

"He's my favorite Avengers villain, not so much because I find him interesting (but of course I DO), but rather for what he stands for. He is the one challenge that the Avengers (and more importantly, Hank Pym) cannot seem to overcome. He is the ultimate nemesis, not because of the destruction he causes, but because he is so tenacious." - Cory Williams

"Hank Pym's one of my favorite characters, and the archenemy that is perhaps a little too close to an alter ego gets cool points for that." - Mike Weaver (Havok3595)

"Plus-side: Major baddie nemesis who when written well is nigh-unstoppable. Good innovations and constant upgrades/surprises with well-thought out plans. Many good appearences where it took a whole team just to stop little ol' Ultron. Minus-side: A bit 2-dimensional (more traditional robot) compared to other advanced entities (like Vision and Nimrod" - Brett Lang (tigerbtl)


What else can be said about this pinnacle of fanboyism and the 80's that hasn't been said already on the internet? Michael Bay better utilize his "stuff falling out of the back of trucks in slow motion" direction skills to make a decent Transformers film. So far racing stripes and flame decals is a pretty bad sign.

"I gave it to Optimus due not only to his great badassness in comics, but also his multi media and mainstream accepted whupping of the ass. I could not allow myself to do but give my support to the truck." - Michael Soo


A suprise? I think not. When I think of robots in comic, I think of Vision. Though he's always kind of been the Martian Manhunter-esque do-everything know-it-all, he's always been my favorite Avenger and always seems to trigger the greatest arcs or events known to the series' history.

"My first dive into comics was Busiek's run on the Avengers. His stories were often Wanda-centric and thus had to also deal with her failed relationship with the Vision. I saw Vision as one of the most humanly portrayed characters in comics, with believable goals, problems, and insecurities." - Cory Williams

"He's always been one of my favorite characters, partially because his speech bubbles were yellow squares (which was different at the time). Also, growing up in the Bronze Age, I was around when the whole Vision/Scarlet Witch thing was relatively benign and not an excuse to crack the internet in half or whatever." - Mike Weaver (Havok3595)

"He has grown so much as a character since his inception as a "villain spawn" that he transcends soap operatic proportions. From getting a brain transplant to getting married, Vision is easily forgotten as a robot and first seen and remembered as a fixture on the Avengers and the most reliable member second to Captain America or Thor in terms of performance and recognizability. But seriously... who in American culture can get away with a red face and green cape? Then going straight yellow and back? If I didn't know better, I'd say someone was sending subliminal signs from a very popular Chinese folk hero - Guan Yu." - Steven Gong (Azraelswrd)

"Plus-side: As human as you get for a robot. Long-time avenger with staying power. Cool powers. Minus-side: Powers are a bit of a rip-off of Martian Manhunter without the mental part. Origin has been convoluted and retconned so its a bit of a mess...original human torch or not? Is he even really a "robot" at this point (synthezoid, right?)" - Brett Lang (tigerbtl)

Final Standings:

Thanks to all those who nominated, participated, voted, commented and viewed this. Sorry I was so late with it, I've been busy as of late. Join us next time when we see just who is: The Most Outstanding Douchebag In Comics?

Update: This event has ended already.

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